Hearing is the key to the world

Hearing is the joy of living: the better you can hear, the better you find your way around in the world. You find it easier to join in daily life and you are more selfconfident in your work and with your family. Most of the people take the gift of hearing for granted, and background sound is so much a part of their daily lives that they do not notice how the outlines of the soundscape are slowly becoming blurred.

Hearing loss in babies and children

A child’s development and quality of life depend fundamentally on his ability to hear. Children learn how to speak by listening to others and themselves communicate. Hearing helps your child learn to read, appreciate music and pick up warnings about dangerous situations. Without a good sense of hearing, your child will have difficulty tackling life’s challenges and opportunities – whether at home or at school.
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Hot tips for cold ears

Skiing, ice-skating, winter walks – despite the sub-zero temperatures there are plenty of good reasons for venturing outdoors in the cold season. Our ears are particularly sensitive and one of the first parts of our body that suffers from cold. Winter conditions can also present challenges for hearing instrument users. Here are a few important tips to make sure you and your hearing instruments stay healthy in the winter months.
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Hearing accompanies us throughout our lives; it shapes and influences every part of our world. Hearing enables us to communicate with others.
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Hearing damage due to MP3 players

Jogging, on the school bus or on holiday at the beach – lots of young people as well as adults don’t go anywhere without their smartphones and MP3 players. No wonder, as music puts people in a good mood as well as adding a bit of color to the dreariness of everyday life. However, the problem is that the combination of high noise levels and consistent noise exposure can cause irreparable hearing damage sooner or later.
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Sudden hearing loss

Sudden hearing loss is a symptom, not a diagnosis. This rather surprising definition, taken from an ENT manual, is intended to describe a medical condition but actually merely highlights the fact that we are treading unknown territory. An unfortunate situation considering the fact that there are around 250,000 cases of sudden hearing loss in Germany each year. While the condition occurs most often among the 50–60 year-olds, the percentage of those in the 30–40 year age bracket is constantly on the up.
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Hearing aids - Tips for new hearing aid users

Our hearing absorbs acoustic information from our surroundings and relays it to our brain. The longer you live with untreated hearing loss, the more your brain loses the ability to process speech and noises. That’s why it is so important to gradually get used to your new life with a hearing aid in the first few days, without overtaxing yourself and your hearing. Here are a few valuable tips.
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Hearing with your bones

It sounds like something out of a science fiction novel, but recent advancements in medical research are opening up new and exciting opportunities for restoring one of the most important human senses – hearing.
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Audio files – are virtual drugs dangerous?

Since time immemorial, monotonous sounds and rhythms have been used to help people escape from banal reality and to transport themselves to other worlds. Shamans have always used drum beats and sacred songs to put themselves in a trance and then to enter spheres where they could communicate with helpful spirits in order to heal the sick, make prophecies etc.
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Otitis Media: When the ear has the sniffles

One of the most obvious signs of a common cold or flu is a stuffy or runny nose. What is not so obvious is that the ear can also have the sniffles! Commonly referred to as “middle ear infection”, Otitis media is the inflammation of the middle ear. The middle ear is defined as the area between the eardrum and the inner ear. It consists of the eardrum, the hollow cavity behind it with three small middle ear bones (ossicles) and the Eustachian tube.
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Many things can cause hearing loss. Gather information.

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Our Projects Worldwide

To date over 60 projects on all five continents have been supported by the foundation, and thousands of children have been given the chance of a better life.

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Hear the World is now supported by more than 80 celebrity ambassadors, such as Sting, Annie Lennox, Tilda Swinton, Jude Law and Take That.

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