Hearing loss in babies and children

A child’s development and quality of life depend fundamentally on his ability to hear. Children learn how to speak by listening to others and themselves communicate. Hearing helps your child learn to read, appreciate music and pick up warnings about dangerous situations. Without a good sense of hearing, your child will have difficulty tackling life’s challenges and opportunities – whether at home or at school. Discovering a hearing loss and fitting a child early with hearing aids is thus of utmost importance to allow the affected an age-appropriate development. Against this background the Hear the World Foundation has launched an information and prevention campaign which over the next weeks and months will show  measures for early detection and treatment options for babies and children with hearing loss in the three different development stages of a child.

Mastering school life

Being able to hear the teacher clearly is vital to learning successfully and achieving good results. This is no mean feat for children with hearing loss. Therefore parents should seek advice on what type of school is best suited to their child.

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When children learn to speak

In early childhood, our sense of hearing plays a crucial role, providing the basis for speech and communication skills. Given this, it’s critical that parents are able to recognize the signs of possible hearing loss early and take appropriate action quickly.

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Hearing loss in babies: a sensitive issue that requires fast action

Every year, about 665,000 babies around the world are born with significant hearing loss. The earlier that hearing loss is discovered and treated, the higher the chance of normal development at a rate appropriate for their age. 
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With the "52 Children" project the Hear the World Foundation provides 52 disadvantaged children per year from around the world with the gift of better hearing.

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