With the non-profit Hear the World Foundation, Sonova advocates equal opportunities and improved quality of life for people with hearing loss around the world.

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Apply now for the 6th annual Judith Gravel Fellowship in pediatric audiology.

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  • A 3D flight explains the complex structures of our ears and what happens when sound waves enter the human ear.

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  • We are constantly surrounded by sounds that can easily turn into noise. Here, you can get
    an idea of the noise in our everyday lifes.

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  • Find out how people with hearing loss experien-
    ce a typical conversation.

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  • An interactive map shows different types of hearing loss and what you can do to avoid them.

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With the "52 Children" project the Hear the World Foundation provides 52 disadvantaged children per year from around the world with the gift of better hearing.

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A child’s development and quality of life depend fundamentally on his ability to hear. Children learn how to speak by listening to others and themselves communicate.

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In particular the foundation focuses on projects that support children with hearing loss to ensure that they have every opportunity to reach their full potential.

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