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There are only ten audiologists in Ghana to serve the needs of the country’s 24 million inhabitants and most of them are approaching retirement. This lack is typical of many countries in West Africa. Since 2011, the University of Ghana has been running a study program to help counteract this problem. However, the program is very theory-based. A new practice laboratory is being set up to remedy this.

Place & Year

Accra, Ghana, 2015-2017


Technology Funding

Main Focus

Children Providing audiological care for children in low-income countries is a focal area of the Hear the World Foundation’s activities.
Professional training The Hear the World Foundation supports projects that enable continuous audiological training for professionals on site.

The objective of the audiological training program run in the Ghanaian capital Accra is as ambitious as it is important: it aims to secure the future of audiological care in Ghana. What the program has been lacking to date, however, is opportunities to gain practical experience, because it has not had access to a practice laboratory equipped with all the expensive resources required. Practical exercises in using high-quality equipment are essential for ensuring that audiology students are adequately prepared for their professional work later on.

Practical knowledge as a key part of training

To help lay the foundations for practical training, the project funded by the Hear the World Foundation is setting up a practice laboratory and thus making a major contribution toward ensuring better training for the audiologists of the future.