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The Brazilian healthcare system provides low-income families with free hearing aids. However, although many people benefit from the services offered, there is often a lack of ongoing support for parents of children with hearing loss. In light of this, the Centro Audição na Criança (CeAC), a hearing center for children, has set up a family program that offers advice on topics related to hearing loss for parents and relatives.

Place & Year

São Paulo, Brazil, 2014-2018



Main Focus

Children Providing audiological care for children in low-income countries is a focal area of the Hear the World Foundation’s activities.
Programs for parents & families By supporting self-help groups for parents, the Hear the World Foundation makes an important contribution, thus ensuring that affected parents receive specific help and assistance.

As part of the Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo (PUCSP), the CeAC hearing center for children specializes in treating infants and toddlers under the age of three. The center offers a range of services, including hearing loss diagnosis, hearing aid fittings, and speech therapy. To provide further support for parents and relatives of children with hearing loss, the CeAC has developed a special family program. This has been set up because, while the center’s audiological services have been very well received, many families are often out of their depth when it comes to dealing with hearing aids. In many cases they are also unaware of the importance of hearing for their child’s speech and language development. As a result, hearing aids for infants are used incorrectly or not used at all, so they have difficulty learning to speak and their development is delayed.


Help for self-help: family programs and training for local partners

For children with hearing loss to develop at an appropriate rate for their age, they need the full support of their parents and relatives. This is exactly where the family program run by the CeAC comes in: aside from offering audiological care, experts are on hand to support parents, provide them with information, and teach them how to use hearing aids correctly. With funding from the Hear the World Foundation, local professionals are being trained by experienced audiologists to help with the initiative and information brochures are being  provided to families. The aim is to develop a sustainable program that enables parents to provide their children with the best possible support for managing hearing loss right from the start.