The Hear the World Foundation advocates equal opportunities and increased quality of life for people with hearing loss globally. As part of the Sonova Group, Connect Hearing is proud to take its social responsibility seriously by supporting the foundation in its mission.

This holiday season, Connect Hearing and Hear the World partner up to raise awareness for the topics of hearing and hearing loss. In the context of the 4Ears Campaign, Connect Hearing will donate $10 for every hearing test conducted at one of 50 selected locations in the United States and 80 locations in Canada until December 31st. The funds donated will benefit American and Canadian Kids with hearing loss giving them a chance at a better quality of life. 

And that’s how it works 

Step 1: Get your hearing tested at Connect Hearing 
Step 2: Connect Hearing makes a donation to the Hear the World Foundation
Step 3: While you get the appropriate hearing solution for you
Step 4: The funds donated provide hearing health care to children in need