The organization committee of the International Radio Festival (IRF) is excited about the foundation’s mission and has therefore invited Hear the World to be their charity partner. This opportunity gives the foundation a platform to make its work known across the global music radio industry by generating attention to the topic of hearing and hearing loss.

The IRF represents the world’s largest public on-air festival whilst at the same time offering the music radio industry a unique platform to network, knowledge share, explore audience preferences and exchange formats. Millions of listeners worldwide are offered the rare opportunity to “listen to how the world sounds” on one channel over four days. Since its inaugural year, the IRF – now in its 4th edition – has brought together more than 200 ground-breaking music radio shows from around the world, enabling their makers the exceptional opportunity to showcase their best music radio programs in the presence of their peers and industry professionals. 

The Hear the World Foundation is delighted to be able to partner with the International Radio Festival and is confident that it can raise even more public awareness through the global music radio industry, encouraging them to share the importance about the consequences of hearing loss with their worldwide audiences. 

The festival visitors will get the opportunity to actively supporting the foundation’s work by having their picture taken in the Hear the World pose for conscious hearing. In addition an exhibition of impressive children portraits taken by Philipp Rathmer during a visit to one of the foundation’s projects in Kenya offers an insight into the foundation’s work.