Music already played an important role in the life of the daughter of Marius Müller-Westernhagen from her earliest childhood onwards: raised by her mother, model and photographer Polly Eltes in London, the music capital of Britain, she was already enthusiastically dancing to the songs playing at home at the age of two. She learned how to play guitar when she was 7, had her first performance when she was 15 and formed the band “Battlekat” when she was 19. Today she is a solo artist and touring with her successful debut album “Road To Last Night”. As a true musician, through and through, constantly working on new songs, she knows how valuable good hearing is to the quality of life: “Without my hearing I wouldn’t be able to make any music. It is only natural for me to value and protect the gift of hearing. This also applies to concert visits, by the way, where I always wear earplugs.

As Hear the World ambassador, sensitizing people towards the importance of good hearing is a special concern of Mimi. She will also be assuming the sponsorship for an international project of the Hear the World Foundation.