Swiss musician Patrick Nuo is involved as an ambassador for Hear the World. The singer’s main aim is to sensitize young people towards the significance of hearing and the prevention of hearing loss. He supports projects of the Hear the World Foundation, which globally advocates equal opportunities and increased quality of life for people with hearing loss. With his commitment, he is joining the ranks of renowned ambassadors, such as Moby, Elle Macpherson, Renée Zellweger or Sting. Like all the other ambassadors, Patrick Nuo was captured by rock star and photographer Bryan Adams in the pose for conscious hearing, with his hand cupped behind his ear. 

The topic of hearing also has a very emotional significance for musician Patrick Nuo: “Music, noises, creativity, wisdom, belief, films, happiness – to me, the ability to hear is one of life’s greatest gifts”, says the native Swiss. Thus, one of his particular primary concerns is to sensitize young people towards the topics of hearing and hearing loss and provide information on contemporary hearing protection options. The Hear the World Foundation supports children with hearing loss all over the world via hearing aids, speech therapy and regular treatment, in order to give them the same chances of development as people of the same age. 

Via his great commitment, Patrick Nuo sets a sign and, as a Hear the World ambassador, visited our project in Nairobi in May 2011. He acquainted himself with the Hear the World Foundation’s work in situ and visited children with hearing loss in a school for the deaf, a kindergarten and an orphanage. He also met small patients with hearing aids in the hearing center of the medical center equipped by Hear the World.

Patrick Nuo visits Hear the World project in Nairobi

The moving video shows Patrick Nuo’s commitment towards children with hearing loss in Kenya.


Patrick Nuo gets involved with needy children with hearing loss and visits a Hear the World Foundation project.


Photographer Philipp Rathmer documented the project visit in Nairobi in fascinating pictures.