Join us for the good cause at the Hear the World Charity Gala on June 24, 2017 at the Dolder Grand in Zurich. Enjoy an unforgettable evening in a unique setting with your dearest in the knowledge that you are supporting disadvantaged children with hearing loss worldwide.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Can you imagine what it’s like to be unable to hear? The voices of the people you love, the sound of children’s laughter, nature, or music – all this and much more would be gone from your life. After all, hearing is an essential part of our life and the key to communication.

More than 32 million children worldwide are affected by hearing loss. Most of them live in low- or middle-income countries and rarely have access to audiological care. The consequences for these children are serious: they have no chance of enjoying a school education and prospects for the future can be narrow.

Equal opportunities for children with hearing loss

The Hear the World Foundation, a Sonova initiative, supports children with hearing loss in the poorest parts of the world. The Foundation ensures that these children obtain audiological care, learn to speak, and are able to attend school.

You, too, can help give children with hearing loss the chance to experience better hearing by attending the Hear the World Charity Gala and by becoming a sponsor (information for sponsors).

The Hear the World Charity Gala: program & tickets

The 2017 Hear the World Charity Gala will take place on June 24, 2017 at the Dolder Grand in Zurich. Further details about the program will follow soon.
Tickets (CHF 668/person incl. aperitifs, gourmet menu, excl. wine) can be ordered by sending an email to

The organizing committee - Ursi Spoerry, Dorothe Züger-Knecht, Megy Pfortmüller, Bettina Friedli-Munz, Annietta Saratz-Gay, Elena Torresani, Louise Kaben, is looking forward to seeing you there!