our foundation bodies


The non-profit Hear the World Foundation was founded by Swiss hearing aid manufacturer Phonak, core brand of the Sonova Group, in 2006. The foundation’s aim is to create a world in which each person has the chance of good hearing. As leading hearing system manufacturer, Sonova sees its social responsibility as the provision of support to needy people with hearing loss and its involvement in prevention of hearing loss and provision of information.

The Foundation Board comprises those personalities in the Sonova Group who are associated with the foundation’s purpose, due to their attitude and their commitment to date. The foundation’s independence is assured by the Advisory Board: the latter is responsible for the evaluation of suitable projects, which are proposed to the Foundation Board for the allocation of foundation funds. It also advises the Foundation Board in deciding on the amount of the payments to be allocated. The Advisory Board members are all employed in an honorary capacity. Incidental expenses are reimbursed as and when they occur.

The office is responsible for the foundation’s communications. It also supports the Foundation and Advisory Boards in the administrative and organisational management of the foundation. Alongside these duties, the office maintains contact with stakeholders and partners.