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4 EARS: Free hearing tests for children


Staefa, Switzerland, September 4, 2014

Under the slogan «4EARS. One hearing test for you, one for a child in need.» the Hear the World Foundation and the Connect Hearing group launch a global campaign for disadvantaged children with hearing loss. The Zurich-based advertising agency Serrantega is responsible for this design and realization.

The Hear the World Foundation was established in 2006 by the Sonova Group, the leading manufacturer of hearing care solutions. Providing hearing healthcare for children is a focal area of the foundation’s activities. Some 665,000 children around the world are born each year with significant hearing loss. The consequences are serious: in developing countries in particular, children with untreated hearing loss have very few prospects for the future, as children who are unable to hear well have problems learning to speak and thus only minimal chances of school education and development in keeping with their age group.

«4EARS. One hearing test for you. One for a child in need»

With the 4EARS campaign, the Hear the World Foundation together with the Connect Hearing Group, Sonova’s international professional service network of hearing care providers, and partner stores across the world are drawing attention to the underrepresented themes of hearing and hearing loss. In addition, the partner stores will make a donation to the foundation for every hearing test they carry out, which also gives disadvantaged children worldwide a chance of better hearing.

With a lot of heart and emotions

In order to explain this mission, Serranetga has developed a series of images which illustrates the campaign simply and in an emotional way. The key visual is a child’s hand with four fingers held up. On the one hand, this gesture symbolizes a hearing test for four instead of just two ears: two belonging to the customer in the audiologist’s shop and two for the child in need who will benefit from the initiative. On the other hand, it refers to the four simple steps from taking the hearing test to helping the affected children. The famous German photographer Philipp Rathmer casts children of Sonova employees in the campaign. The resulting printed marketing material and short movie are to be shown in the partner stores. Other aspects of the campaign include a microsite and street marketing.

The campaign is currently running in Austria with plans to roll it out in other countries including Australia, Canada and the USA.

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