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The Hear the World Foundation is committed to improving the quality of life and promoting equal opportunities for people and especially children with hearing loss around the world.

Focus areas and types of support


Our focus areas are:

Types of support

The Hear the World Foundation collaborates with aid organizations that pursue the same goals with their projects. Here is how we deliver our project support:

Project types

Most low and middle income countries lack of hearing professionals. We aim to enable those countries to become self-sufficient in providing sustainable hearing healthcare and speech therapy. That is why we support:

Criteria for the selection of projects

A)    Exclusion criteria

Not supported are:

  • profit-oriented businesses
  • basic financing of organizations or foundations
  • support of campaigns, projects or organizations with significant political exposure
  • fly-in fly-out projects without local anchoring

B)    Selection criteria

The Hear the World Foundation preferably supports comprehensive projects that fulfill as many selection criteria as possible:

  1. Project matches with the purpose of the foundation
  2. Project covers as many of our four focus areas  (children, families, training, prevention) as possible and has the potential to grow into other areas.
  3. Project can be supported as comprehensively as possible through our three pillars of support: financial support, hearing care solutions and professional support.
  4. Project promotes local capacity building
  5. Project focuses on groups of individuals
  6. Project is scalable and possible to be multiplied
  7. Project is very likely to be successful and sustainable, independently beyond our support
  8. Availability of resources and leadership to implement and run the project locally
  9. Targets and proposed timing with the available resources are realistic
  10. Project partner has a plan to clearly measure the impact of the project for the beneficiaries
  11. Balance between input (our funding) and output (social impact) generated through the project is reasonable

The Hear the World Foundation is currently not accepting any new applications for funding. We will inform you shortly about the future selection process for new project partners. 

If you are interested in submitting a project, please sign up to our newsletter (see below).