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Funding Application

application process

The Hear the World Foundation, together with its partners, is committed to equal opportunities and increased quality of life for children with hearing loss in low- and middle-income countries. You can apply for funding for your project or aid organization from 1 to 30 September.

If your organization is committed to the same goals and values as our foundation, you can apply for support in the form of financial resources, hearing solutions from the Sonova product portfolio (hearing aids, cochlear implants, wireless microphone systems), diagnostic equipment and audiological expertise. 

Prerequisite: Our funding criteria must be met. Please check whether your project meets the criteria and find out about our funding principles and funding programs.  

Application Process and Forms  

Step 1: Short application to participate 
You may submit the complete initial information and documents via the link below until 30 September. Please note that applications submitted after the deadline cannot be considered.  

Please read our FAQ manual for further clarification on the application process and the details you need to submit in the form.

Step 2: Comprehensive funding application 
We will carefully review all submitted documents and inform you end-October whether your application has been shortlisted. In case of a positive evaluation, we will ask you to submit further detailed project information. The final decision on which projects will be funded in the coming financial year will be made in March at our Foundation Board meeting. If your project is selected, our cooperation will start in April

Unfortunately, the large number of applications compels us to turn down some projects that we would like to support. We kindly thank you for your understanding that we are unable to provide detailed feedback in case of rejection.

For feedback or further information, please send an e-mail to info(at)hear-the-world.com.