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Dear readers,

Noises are ingrained in everyday life. We take them for granted – loud and quiet noises, muffled and sharp sounds. They’re all part of our world. However, if these sounds were to diminish or we lost our hearing completely, our lives would change drastically. This is why the Hear the World Foundation has set itself the goal of advocating better  and conscious hearing, above all helping those who are affected by hearing loss.

As the leading provider of hearing solutions, Sonova’s  vision is to create a world in which everybody can enjoy the benefits of hearing and live without limitations. The Hear the World Foundation, a Sonova corporate foundation, is turning this vision into reality for people in need: for over ten years, the Hear the World Foundation has been giving hope to children and their parents by way of access to audiological care, hearing solutions and speech therapy. 

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world,” and this is the motto that we too want to follow with our aid projects. We want to change lives. The lives of disadvantaged people, particularly children, with hearing loss throughout the world. In just one day, our work with #HearLebanon changed the lives of a further 100 children in the long term. This was only possible thanks to the great commitment and invaluable backing of Sonova employees who have actively supported the foundation again this year.   

We had the pleasure of experiencing one of the year’s highlights on June 24: donations of CHF 400,000 were raised at the Hear the World Charity Gala, attended by foundation ambassador Marc Sway and superstar and Hear the World ambassador Bryan Adams, who put on a pro bono concert. Thanks to these donations, children with hearing loss in slums around the South African cities of Pretoria and Cape Town will receive hearing aids. We are  also planning to provide children with cochlear implants  in Vietnam. 

In August, we visited our long-standing project partner, the ABC Hearing Clinic in Lilongwe, Malawi. From as early as 2011, we have been supporting the #HearMalawi project by providing hearing solutions, financial resources and professional training. The support of the Hear the World Foundation has also meant that the clinic, which was under the management of an Australian organization during  the development phase, has been run entirely by a Malawian team since the end of 2017. That is why we are dedicating the cover story of this annual report to this project,  which is an impressive example of what can be achieved with targeted and sustainable foundation work.

As you can see, we boast an eventful year filled with plenty of highlights. All in all, we supported 25 projects in 26 countries and donated more than 1,660 hearing solutions.  This helped to not only improve the lives of these people in the long term, but to improve the lives of their families too. 

However, there’s still a lot to do when it comes to implementing our vision of a world in which everybody has the opportunity to enjoy good hearing. That’s why we are making an extremely motivated start to this next year  and would be delighted if you actively supported us in making our vision a reality.


Lukas Braunschweiler
President of the Hear the World Foundation