Vera, a former Sonova employee, and her husband Dominique are turning their dream into reality by embarking on a two-year sailing trip around the world on their yacht, the Richard Parker. The journey is not just about fulfilling their own dream but also about supporting the Hear the World Foundation mission to help children with hearing loss to introduce them to the world of sound.

Their destination is the Hear the World Foundation project in Panama, where only very few people can afford a hearing aid. That is why Hear the World is getting involved and providing hearing treatment for needy children affected by hearing loss. Even the most powerful hearing aids may not achieve the desired results for children with profound hearing loss. Therefore, Hear the World has developed a pilot project to provide children from economically disadvantaged backgrounds with access to treatment involving cochlear implants. A network of hospitals, surgeons, local charities and Sonova employees are offering their services free of charge as part of the project. The Hear the World Foundation is bearing the costs for the implants as well as for speech therapy for the children after surgery. However the costs are still high, amounting to CHF 10‘000 per child. Therefore we are relying on your support to give the gift of hearing to as many children as possible and to improve their quality of life through education!

Vera and Dominique want to arrive in Panama with their topmast decked in flags – and that’s where you come in. By donating a flag, you too can join them as they arrive in Panama. The more flags flying on the Richard Parker, the more support for children affected by hearing loss! We will provide regular journey updates on Facebook, share the most beautiful sounds of the sea with you, and of course let fans be a part of Vera and Dominique’s arrival in Panama. With these flag donations, you too can be part of their journey:

  • North Sea = CHF 50
  • Atlantic = CHF 100
  • Pacific = Any amount from CHF 100

100% of your donation goes directly to the project in Panama.
You can donate directly online via PayPal or by bank transfer.
Quote the reference “We’re sailing for Hear the World”.

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