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This life-changing project will help children in need in Vietnam with significant hearing loss to hear. It is the first of its kind project that will provide cochlear implants and comprehensive, long-standing support to help children to learn to listen and talk.

Place & Year

Vietnam, 2018-2020


Technology Funding

Main Focus

Children Providing audiological care for children in low-income countries is a focal area of the Hear the World Foundation’s activities.
Professional training The Hear the World Foundation supports projects that enable continuous audiological training for professionals on site.
Prevention of hearing loss The Hear the World Foundation globally promotes awareness for the topics of hearing and hearing loss and thus actively contributes toward the prevention of hearing loss.
Programs for parents & families By supporting self-help groups for parents, the Hear the World Foundation makes an important contribution, thus ensuring that affected parents receive specific help and assistance.

The Global Foundation For Children With Hearing Loss (GFCHL) and the Hear the World Foundation have entered into a unique collaboration that will enable 10 vietnamese children in need with significant hearing loss to hear and speak.

How we support the project

Hear the World will donate the most current Advanced Bionics cochlear implants, the cost for the surgeries, audiological follow-up care, warranty on the products up to 15 years, and one year of auditory-verbal therapy with Vietnamese professionals who have been trained by GFCHL. 

The first five children selected for this initiative are scheduled to receive their cochlear implants in January 2019, – and thus a chance to hear, develop spoken language skills, and lead a life without limitations.  

Why this project is so important

For children with hearing loss to learn to listen and talk, they must have access to early identification of hearing loss, appropriate hearing technology, locally-based professional expertise and parent involvement. While hearing aids are usually sufficient for spoken language development in children with mild to moderate hearing losses, children with severe to profound hearing losses need cochlear implants to be able to hear the sounds of speech required to develop spoken language.  

The problem: In Vietnam, as in many developing countries, there is presently no insurance coverage or state support for cochlear implants. Cochlear implants, the associated surgery, the ongoing therapy and audiological services, and lifetime product maintenance costs are difficult to impossible for many families in Vietnam to afford. 


A catalyst for greater utilization of existing Vietnamese professional expertise

The Global Foundation For Children With Hearing Loss’ network of early intervention partners in Vietnam will select the candidates and accompany the families through the process. Vietnamese teachers and therapists who have been trained in auditory-verbal therapy  by the Global Foundation will help the families support their children’s listening and spoken language development with their cochlear implant. Vietnamese audiologists from Sonova Vietnam will provide ongoing audiological services at no charge to the families.

Find out more about the initial common project to build up capacity

We are honored to partner with Hear the World on this ground-breaking initiative. Iit helps to address the financial challenges that many families face when sourcing cochlear implants for their children. It will enable these children to utilize the locally-based professional support that they need to learn to listen and talk.

Paige Stringer, founder of the Global Foundation For Children With Hearing Loss.