About the Hear the World Foundation

Founded in 2006 by Sonova, the leading provider of hearing solutions, the Hear the World Foundation supports disadvantaged people with hearing loss around the world and gets involved in hearing loss prevention. The foundation focuses particularly on projects for children with hearing loss, enabling them to develop at their fullest potential. Since its establishment, the non-profit Swiss foundation has supported over 80 projects in 39 countries with funding, hearing aid technology and expertise. More than 100 high-profile ambassadors, such as Bryan Adams, Cindy Crawford, Plácido Domingo, Annie Lennox and Sting support Hear the World as ambassadors for conscious hearing.


Charity Gala: CHF 375,000 for children with hearing loss

The Hear the World Charity Gala at the Dolder Grand on June 24, 2017 was a complete success: With proceeds of over CHF 375,000, the Hear the World Foundation can give the gift of hearing to some 1,900 children in need with hearing loss.

Marc Sway's engagement for children with hearing loss

Media release available only in German.


CHF 2,58 Mio for people in need with hearing loss

In the 2016/17 fiscal year, Sonova’s charitable foundation donated 40 percent more resources than in the previous year, and donated cochlear implants for the first time.


Winner of 8th Gravel fellowship in Pediatric Audiology

The winner of the 2017/18 Judith Gravel Fellowship in Pediatric Audiology is Ms. Hannah Dorothy, a third-year doctoral student in audiology at East Carolina University.


Stepping into a new future with a cochlear implant donation

The first hearing implants donated by the Hear the World Foundation to disadvantaged children in Panama have been successfully activated.


Study reveals: Many Americans decide against a treatment of their hearing loss

Around half of the Americans have difficulty hearing but only 13 percent of those wear hearing aids. This and further facts were revealed in an international study, “How the world hears” by the Hear the World Foundation.


Hear the World donates cochlea implants for the first time

The Hear the World Foundation, a Sonova initiative, will for the first time support an aid project with the donation of cochlear implants. In February 2017, the first three children with profound hearing loss will get the gift of hearing and thus a fair chance of leading an independent life.


10 years, 100 ambassadors, and 1000 employees committed

Since its establishment the Swiss foundation has supported over 80 projects in 39 countries, helping thousands of people to hear better. It has received support from Bryan Adams and over 100 celebrity ambassadors, as well as from 1,000 Sonova employee volunteers.


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