Dear readers,

As a leading provider of hearing solutions, Sonova’s vision is to create a world in which everybody can enjoy the delight of hearing and live a life without limitations. The Hear the World Foundation, Sonova’s corporate foundation, is also making this vision a reality for disad­vantaged people: for over ten years, the Hear the World Foundation has been giving hope to children and their parents by allowing them access to audiological care, hearing solutions, and speech therapy.

2016 was a particularly eventful year for the foundation: the Hear the World Foundation celebrated its 10th anniversary, can now count on the support of over 100 high-profile ambassadors, and donated cochlear implants for the first time. In February 2017, cochlear implants (CIs) allowed three children with profound hearing loss in Panama to receive the gift of hearing and thus also the chance to lead an independent life. The CI donation is an important milestone in the foundation’s history.

For the last three years, the Hear the World Foundation has supported the Rangammal Memorial School in southern India, a residential school housing around 200 pupils with hearing loss. The children at this school are provided with audiological care and learn to express themselves verbally thanks to speech therapy. The school aims to both educate the children and also to prepare them for an independent life. 

However, the Hear the World Foundation not only supports its project partners through funding and hearing solutions, but also by training local professionals, thus helping them to help themselves. This is only made possible by the work of Sonova employees. This year, 1,703 employees have worked for 1,052 days in 19 countries for the foundation. 

You can find information on this and other examples of our work as a foundation in this Activity Report 2016/17. As you will see, we can look back with pride on the successful and eventful year behind us, in which we supported a total of 23 projects in 22 countries. Over 1,200 hearing solutions were donated to these projects, improving the lives of countless people, particularly children, in a lasting way.

There is still a lot more to be done if we are to achieve our ambitious vision of a world where everyone has the chance to enjoy good hearing. We are therefore starting a new year with a high level of motivation and we are delighted to count on you to help us work towards our vision!


Lukas Braunschweiler
President of the Hear the World Foundation